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   Welcome To & Hap Windows OSI 360

      Best 3D Music Videos Of Haptek 360 Development
Haptek 360 Player Unveiled & Rainy Days Remastered
Superstar Remastered 3D-Haptek Karen Carpenter
Feel Like Making Love 3D-Haptek Roberta Flack
Lonesome Road Blues 3D-Haptek Smoking Joe
Big In LA 3D-Haptek Teen Joelle
   New Hap Windows OSI With New Haptek 360 Player & New Built-in AIchat Function
   Hap Windows is powered by AutoIt automation software: 
   Hap Windows OSI 360 General Description:
   This new OSI 360 is the first Hap Windows version to have the new HapWorld 360 feature
   which can automatically change the background view angle within the Haptek Player
   whenever the 3D character turns and faces towards a new direction while being controlled
   with the green arrows located at the bottom of the Haptek screen. This new version is also
   the first one to have its own built-in AIchat function so that a user can also talk to the 3D
   character without using an OSI compatible A.I. program such as Alice Bot. 
   Hap Windows OSI 360 Is No Longer Ultra Hal Compatible...
   Because it has it's own new A.I. brain & chat function that uses AutoIt & Haptek 3D software
   in conjunction with the new Amanda Interactive character that is now more alive and aware...
   But anyway...
   Ultra Hal Assistant has been a world leading Artificial Intelligence software program for many
   years. Ultra Hal Assistant is a product of Zabaware Inc. Go To Zabaware for more information.